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Mushroom Hunting

Spent the day mushroom hunting.

A sure sign that I was not having any luck, I started taking photos, mostly of the gazillions of mushrooms that I didn’t want.

Quick, took a picture of the sunshine, if I hadn’t looked in that direction at that moment, I might have missed it.

On down the road, tried a new spot and had better luck.

Boletes on the left, hedgehogs on the right,
and a truffle.

Don’t know what kind of truffle it is, not gonna eat it, but it was fun to find one.

on the inside
Love hedgehogs, they might be my favorite mushroom.

They taste great and they have these weird spikes on the bottom that make them very easy to identify (and inspired their name).

I’m not the only one who loves hedgehogs.

Oh right, “knitting” blog, I am swatching for Catherine Lowe Simple Couture 4.01 Hat and Cowl with CL IV alpaca silk yarn:

one big ball of yarn for both the hat & cowl
custom wound for my order!

October 23, 2010 at 11:31 pm 1 comment

Catherine Lowe Design & Fit Workshop

knit1frog2 (see her post) and I took Catherine Lowe’s Design & Fit Workshop together. This is the second workshop I have taken with Catherine Lowe; I am amazed and delighted again.
I learned much about:

There seemed to be a lot of emphasis on “fit”.
A good fit makes all the difference, as does a bad fit for that matter!
We learned what a good fit means and ways to get a good fit.

We all brought in our own sweaters that:
we love
we hate
we can’t figure out what is wrong with.

We modeled and critiqued.
That was illuminating and will influence my designing, knitting, and buying choices.
I am inspired to knit sweaters with great fit, that look great and make me look great.

We each created our own personal sloper.

That’s me!

A useful tool to have! It was great to be measured by a professional and get those measurements onto paper in a way that I can use to design, alter, and modify sweater patterns.

I purchased this sweater back in the 80s; I love the collar and can use my sloper to design one like it and a sweater to fit.

I have been working on Poetry In Stitches – Leaf Stripe Cardigan with Velvet Trim (page 166)

I had pretty much given up on it being anything other than a drop-shouldered-frumpy-fair-isle with a gorgeous color pattern. I was just knitting it per the instructions, though I had hoped to give it a little shaping, I was resigned to only giving it a bit of shoulder shaping.

No longer! After Catherine’s workshop, I have a better understanding of how fit works. I am incorporating a few alterations that will improve the fit of this sweater and how it looks on me (or any body).

I have reshaped the sleeves, trimming out 2 inches of bulk from the armpit (armpit bulk even sounds bad):

sleeve per the pattern

sleeve altered to improve fit

I will reshape the square neckline to suit my face shape. I modeled the sweater below with a similar square neckline for the workshop. Catherine showed us that this wide square neckline doesn’t flatter my wide square jaw. I can wear a square neckline, but it needs to be the right width – which I can pull off my sloper!

traditional square neckline makes my jaw look wider

square neckline with better personalized shape
flatters my jawline

Finally, I will add shoulder shaping, because like everyone, I have a slope to my shoulders. Without shoulder shaping, there is extra fabric that ends up in bulky folds in the armpits.
Again, armpit bulk = BAD.

I am excited!

June 20, 2010 at 5:19 pm 4 comments

Mushroom picking and some knitting

Finished with a bit of lacy trim:

3649627918_8e0edb3e15_o (2)Vine Lace
Barbara G. Walker’s “A Treasury of Knitting Patterns”

And delivered:

3648823511_0f05cebf79_o-1 (2)Happy Birthday!
socks in Koigu KPPPM color 105d &
Planet Earth Fibers silk and bead trim

Also finished:

3648823597_6921f39359_o (2)plain ol’ socks in Trekking XXL color 104

I love the color transitions of Trekking XXL!

And a new thing started on the way to the mountains for mushroom hunting:

3649628120_798618f57f_o (2)DH posing my knitting in the Cascades off I-90

Apparently it is the time of year for baby animals.

3649628168_bec2b94e4c_o (2)Baby horses with their moms

3648823799_d625092959_o (2)Baby deer with their mom

On into the mountains…
3649628288_0de3097e6b_o (2)

We found:


3648823891_68b890f86f_o (2)Mom says:
“Don’t eat anything bigger than your head.”
(bolete mushroom)

strange flowers

3649628398_8172fb8c67_o (2)these were growing in gravel with no leaves at all

fabulous views3648824025_1ecffb8497_o (2)

3648824073_6a7caac828_o (2)This was actually a little scary it drops off pretty dramatically. When I lost my balance and grabbed the rock a chunk came off in my hand “AAAAAAAAH!”.

We brought home a few morels and boletes
3648824181_7e3fbdecb7_o (2)
and then had grilled steaks and morels in cream for dinner, yumm!

June 21, 2009 at 9:29 pm 3 comments

Estonian Garden Stole in Cracksilk Haze

A Late Birthday Present:

After overloading the birthday girl with pattern links, and an unfortunate reference to “Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome“, I decided it would be best to just take her to Knit Purl and see what happened; I don’t think you can walk in there without finding something perfect.

Rowan Cracksilk Haze color 627
We both love this color! We’re calling it ‘Vine Maple’.

That is not the name Rowan gave it. They usually come up with picturesque romantic color names, but color 627 is named “Blood”.
First of all:

It’s NOT blood colored. Maybe the color of the icky styrofoam tray liner under a pound of ground beef.


So I renamed it Vine Maple. Oooooo-priiitteeeee.

Later, we decided we should go back and get that perfect coordinating yarn that we had waffled on for socks IF Knit Purl was still Open.
We got there and it was Closed.
But I tried the door and it was unlocked! We ran in and straight to the Wall of Koigu and grabbed the yarn and then tried to act like we’d been there all along.
Sandy Kay heard voices and came up to investigate, she was nice as could be, especially considering they were supposed to be Closed. Then we sent her to go find more yarn because I decided I needed to have a pair of the same socks! We were laughing ourselves silly the whole time and Sandy was a great sport about it.
Thanks Sandy!

Koigu KPPPM P105D

…and then, at the counter they were tempting us with these irresistible little hanks of silk and beads, perfect for trimming a sock:

Planet Earth Fibers in color Rouge


Fiber Trends Estonian Garden S-2009 by Evelyn A. Clark

And started:

Koigu KPPPM color 105D socks

March 29, 2009 at 9:58 pm 1 comment

O Canada!


I’m taking (at least) two knitting projects:

Butterfly 10 005crButterfly Super 10 Cotton, color 3834
from Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, B.C.
It comes in 118 shades

I bought this yarn in Victoria a couple of years ago, I’ve been itchin’ to get to it and I like the idea of taking it along on a trip back to Canada.

I have started swatching.

super10butterfly 7045cr

Swatching is ALWAYS frustrating, but it’s even worse when the swatching is in a lace pattern. How do you measure a lace pattern swatch? In cotton??? The slightest tug and it measures at a completely different gauge. I don’t even have to tug, I can just move the scale over half an inch and get a different gauge Sigh.

I wish all pattern gauges would be given in stockinette stitch.
Whatever the stitch pattern, the same size needles could be used to come up with a corresponding stockinette gauge.

So, if the plan survives the swatch (what’s that saying? “no plan survives the first encounter with the swatch”)
I’ll be knitting Vogue Spring/Summer 2007 #8 Oversize Lace Top by Deborah Newton (Ravelry link)

V#8 7076cr

For mindless easy knitting I will take along this sock project:

strHusky 7060cr

Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight in colorway Husky (specially dyed for us University of Washington Huskies)

What? your school doesn’t have it’s own STR colorway???
Awwww, that is just sooooo saaaad.
Next time, pick a *good* school. 😀

I should probably pick out another sock yarn, lots of driving on this vacation and socks are just the thing for that.

Maybe I can sell socks as I go – to pay for gas…

July 24, 2008 at 9:51 am 1 comment

Lucky Me

A dear friend visiting from Norway just brought me this.

Hifa2 004crHifa 2 (the yarn used in Poetry In Stitches designs)
colors: 6038 Navy, 6085 Forest, 6072 Burgundy, 6053 Black

It’s always lucky to have a dear friend. A friend that brings yarn, well, there ought to be a word for it.

I started Poetry In Stitches 166

Poetry 010crr

Poetry 012cr

This Hifa2 yarn is a delight to knit; when my friend asked if there was anything I would like her to bring from Norway…
I could not resist.

We drove to Portland and I was delighted that she enjoyed The Button Emporium and Ribbonry at least as much as me, albeit for the ribbons, while I go for the buttons.

buttonportland 001r

ribbonPortland 007cr

I did break down and get a couple of ribbons.

ribbonsbuttonsPortland 006cr

The dragonfly ribbon is sheer and delicate The brown and green ribbon, I noticed that each circle was different, then I noticed each circle was a maze, and FINALLY I noticed the flyer right next to the ribbon telling the story of each maze. So cool. And it’s reversible!
I have NO idea what I’m going to do with it.

ribbonPortland 011crribbon by: LFN Textiles

Portland is so cool, people leave their unexpired parking stickers on the pay stations so people can use them if they find them before the time is expired!

parkingPortland 006rTime on the meter, even when there’s no meter

May 17, 2008 at 5:08 pm 2 comments

Portland Buttons

Another quick trip to Portland, I finally made it to The Button Emporium And Ribbonry. Once inside, I was overwhelmed, every few seconds I’d see a button I wanted. Fortunately, I had taken a ‘yarn chip’, kinda like a paint chip, but with yarns intended for patterns that include buttons. I wrote the number of buttons needed next to each yarn.

buttons 028cr

I do better when I know how many, what size, and what color button I need.

buttons 040crpewter buttons for Poetry In Stitches 166

buttons 026crCeltic knot pewter buttons for
Alice (are we allowed to use her name?) St*rmore vest

buttons 029cr
another future sweater

I did not EVEN get into the ribbons. That was too overwhelming. The fancy ribbons had fancy prices, so I need to have a plan for them. I have some ideas now and I’ll be back there next week.

May 6, 2008 at 9:30 pm 3 comments

…and three days after that


Wednesday mushrooms 01c

See them three days earlier:

next day shitake 02cr

and the day before that:
Shitake 64

Oh, right, this is a knitting blog:

Wednesday mushrooms 10c
Koolhaas 3
Koolhaas Hat (large) – IK Holiday Gifts 2007
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, color M120 Limeade,
~77g on US7 needles

Next up, one more hat:

Noro Kureyon 188 028c
in Noro Kureyon color 188

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