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Stash Diversity in Columbia City

Last Thursday, walking around Columbia City ArtWalk after dinner at La Medusa, I saw this:

YARN? In Columbia City?
How have I never heard of this?
“Uh, hon, I’m going over there…”
Well, it is not a yarn shop and doesn’t pretend to be, it is a quilt shop with a little corner of yarn:

That really is all of it, the rest is not cut off in the photo.
You can see the fabric encroaching on the bottom shelf.
At first I was not sure what the point was.
She has Cascade 220, which, if you’re gonna stock one yarn, it probably ought to be Cascade 220. A few other yarns, a few needles, like I said, not sure what the point is.
It is to lure Knitters-Who-Do-NOT-Quilt in to her shop where she knows we will swoon at all her Very Cool Fabrics:

and buy something even though we do not quilt and would not ditch our husbands for a quilt shop (he did come find me later).
She knows we stash and it is a tiny fall from stashing yarn to stashing fabric.
In fact!
I just realized.
Her shop is called Stash.

It worked, I bought some flannel to make jammie bottoms for the kids:

I bought the last 3 yards, went home, searched patterns, found I need 2 yards per jammie, went back and bought 3 yards of a coordinating print so I can do the fronts in hedgie and backs in the coordinating, and I am now going to make 3 jams, including one for me.

looks like hedgehog spines? sorta?

“YARN”, it said.
“YARN” on that durn sandwich board and now I have 6 yards of flannel.

Come to think of it, I do need some Cascade 220…

Stash Quilt Shop in Columbia City

Beautiful selection of fabric and a convenient place to grab some Cascade 220 or some sock yarn in a pinch.

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We go to Yakima every year to pick and buy produce


made into sauce


roasted and made into verde

eggplants sliced and browned

added to tomato sauce, onions, beef, and spices and made into
khoresht-e bademjan (Persian eggplant stew)

two boxes of ripe peaches eaten and shared with friends and family and baked into several peach pies!

Knitting? Oh, right, knitting, I was knitting a sock in the car on long drives to and from Yakima

Blue Moon STR lightweight in Raven Clan colorway Rook-y
(darker, more black in real life)

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Estonian Garden Stole in Cracksilk Haze

A Late Birthday Present:

After overloading the birthday girl with pattern links, and an unfortunate reference to “Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome“, I decided it would be best to just take her to Knit Purl and see what happened; I don’t think you can walk in there without finding something perfect.

Rowan Cracksilk Haze color 627
We both love this color! We’re calling it ‘Vine Maple’.

That is not the name Rowan gave it. They usually come up with picturesque romantic color names, but color 627 is named “Blood”.
First of all:

It’s NOT blood colored. Maybe the color of the icky styrofoam tray liner under a pound of ground beef.


So I renamed it Vine Maple. Oooooo-priiitteeeee.

Later, we decided we should go back and get that perfect coordinating yarn that we had waffled on for socks IF Knit Purl was still Open.
We got there and it was Closed.
But I tried the door and it was unlocked! We ran in and straight to the Wall of Koigu and grabbed the yarn and then tried to act like we’d been there all along.
Sandy Kay heard voices and came up to investigate, she was nice as could be, especially considering they were supposed to be Closed. Then we sent her to go find more yarn because I decided I needed to have a pair of the same socks! We were laughing ourselves silly the whole time and Sandy was a great sport about it.
Thanks Sandy!

Koigu KPPPM P105D

…and then, at the counter they were tempting us with these irresistible little hanks of silk and beads, perfect for trimming a sock:

Planet Earth Fibers in color Rouge


Fiber Trends Estonian Garden S-2009 by Evelyn A. Clark

And started:

Koigu KPPPM color 105D socks

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O Canada!


I’m taking (at least) two knitting projects:

Butterfly 10 005crButterfly Super 10 Cotton, color 3834
from Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, B.C.
It comes in 118 shades

I bought this yarn in Victoria a couple of years ago, I’ve been itchin’ to get to it and I like the idea of taking it along on a trip back to Canada.

I have started swatching.

super10butterfly 7045cr

Swatching is ALWAYS frustrating, but it’s even worse when the swatching is in a lace pattern. How do you measure a lace pattern swatch? In cotton??? The slightest tug and it measures at a completely different gauge. I don’t even have to tug, I can just move the scale over half an inch and get a different gauge Sigh.

I wish all pattern gauges would be given in stockinette stitch.
Whatever the stitch pattern, the same size needles could be used to come up with a corresponding stockinette gauge.

So, if the plan survives the swatch (what’s that saying? “no plan survives the first encounter with the swatch”)
I’ll be knitting Vogue Spring/Summer 2007 #8 Oversize Lace Top by Deborah Newton (Ravelry link)

V#8 7076cr

For mindless easy knitting I will take along this sock project:

strHusky 7060cr

Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight in colorway Husky (specially dyed for us University of Washington Huskies)

What? your school doesn’t have it’s own STR colorway???
Awwww, that is just sooooo saaaad.
Next time, pick a *good* school. 😀

I should probably pick out another sock yarn, lots of driving on this vacation and socks are just the thing for that.

Maybe I can sell socks as I go – to pay for gas…

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New Knitter

This is not a problem. It’s an opportunity.

opportunity 001crBFF and a good time to learn how to knit

I expected her to be considerably less mobile and thought that a ‘little something’ to keep her occupied would be just the thing.

I arrived with wine and pie and beautiful yarn…heh heh heh

She picked it up quickly and got cranking right along

first knit 004crrespectable first effort in minutes

The next day this arrived in my Inbox:

BFFprogress r

Ripped and started over all be herself! Cast on and everything


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What’s next?

The hats are done.

Koolhaas 4 27cr
Koolhaas Hat 4
Koolhaas Hat (large) – IK Holiday Gifts 2007
Noro Kureyon color 188, ~60g on #7 needles

Painting by John Dempcy

I don’t normally knit the same thing over and over, except socks, but I knit four of these hats, in a hurry. DD went to Alaska and needed hatS. Wasting no time, I knit the same thing four times and in four different yarns.

Here’s the pile of stuff for a teenager going to Alaska and the Yukon with 54 (!!!) classmates for ten days in Spring:

Alaska 5cr

It looked much bigger when I was sitting in the middle of it trying to label everything.
There are the four hats along the bottom:
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted (green),
Noro Kureyon (purple green),
Noro Kureyon (turquoise brown),
Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (gray).

So, knitting hats and getting DD all geared up and ready for the big Alaska/Yukon adventure sort of took over my spare time for the last few weeks. Now I have a chance to think about what I want to do next. There are the dust bunny issues…but that is not what I want to think about.

Where was I? Poetry In Stitches, Koigu fingerless mittens, that vest I knit last year and need rip, re-write and re-knit, AS vest in Shibui Midnight, the Mason-Dixon Knitting Inspired Dining Room Project (needs it’s own post)

Poetry166Koigu 529 3cr

vogue vest 7crMDKinspired 10cr

So much yarn, so little time.

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I love variegated things.
It started with these soaps.

Avon eggs cr

I have had these since my mom was guilted into buying them way back in the early ‘70s. Apparently my mom had a hard time saying “No” to the Avon Lady:

AvonCalling s

(WHAT is with that tree, is it supposed to be the Faberge Bay Tree Egg??)
At first, I didn’t like that one soap with the big white blotch. Then, something clicked and it became my favorite.

Variegated and asymmetrical things appeal to me.
Plants with variegated leaves

variegated leaves cr

Pinto ponies

Pinto pony in unseasonably large crocus cr

Patchy dogs


I even love my graying hair.
It’s coming in unevenly and unsymmetrically on my head, which makes it even BETTER.

So. You can imagine which yarns appeal to me.

I love variegated yarn
My Favorite Yarn Of All Time is pictured in my header.
It is currently tied up in a sweater that is waaaaaay too big. I want to pull it apart and re-knit it into something that fits and weighs under 10 pounds, but I am afraid the yarn won’t take the abuse. I don’t spin, don’t own a wheel, should I get a drop spindle to put a little twist back into it? Anyone with experience with this?

On to knitting:
The first Koolhaas Hat is complete.

first Koolhaas crKoolhaas Hat (large) – IK Holiday Gifts 2007
Debbie Bliss Merino Aran color 325302,
~75g on US7 needles

I say “the first” because on handing it to my teenager for a try on, she said, “You know what would be really cool? A BUNCH of these in different colors.”
WOOHOO! Music to my ears. I don’t usually knit the same thing over and over but I have a deadline, not a lot of time to futz with a new pattern.
I was thinking NORO Kureyon
Okay you must understand, this is a teenager who has made it clear She Likes Solid Colors, she does not like variegated, she does not like self-striping.
(How can this be? :- )
“Let me show you these really cool Japanese yarns…”, I tempted. “They aren’t self-striping yarns, exactly, they kind of…evolve from one color into the next.”, I appealed to the painter…

NK183 crColor 183. Yes!

NK Koolhaas crKoolhaas Hat (large) – IK Holiday Gifts 2007
Noro Kureyon color 183,
~60g on US7 needles

Next up, a Solid Color Hat (I can be fair)

BSLP Koolhaas cr
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, color M120 Limeade.

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Koolhaas for Alaska

After Madrona on Thursday and Friday, with my head stuffed full of new knitting design concepts and ideas I headed to this place.

Mt Hood
Mount Hood.

The weather was incredible weather, clear blue skies. Skiing, sunshine, friends, food, drink. I got to see another great WPA lodge, Timberline. I am always amazed by the big logs in these places. The stair rail finials were all different carved animals, impressive stonework, fireplaces, ironwork, and great light fixtures.


It weirds me out to look out the window and see snow, not snow falling or snow on the ground, just snow, like “we’re buried in snow”. I had just walked into the place and knew there was an open exit, so I didn’t have to go all REDRUM, but I don’t think I would like to wake up, think, hmmmm, what am I going to do today?, look out the window and see that.

I brought my current portable knitting project, my notes and pattern from class with Jean Wong to review, and a new hank of Blue Moon STR along.

After class my head, though not quite spinning, was certainly wobbly. I decided I need to do some fancy thinking about tailoring my sweater pattern before I get started.
Set that aside.
Picked up the current portable project, fingerless mittens in Koigu P529, decided I didn’t like the pattern I was using and would prefer another pattern.
That I had back at home.
Set that aside.
Good thing I brought the STR Mediumweight Braun’s Woods.


I started a swatch.


Yuck! Stripes. Hmmpf. I am still trying to learn how to look at a hank and predict how it will knit up.
Set that aside.

While in Oregon, we hit the Portland REI to do some sales-tax-free shopping. DD is going on a school trip to Alaska and needs ‘a few’ things. By the time we got to “Hats, wool or polyfleece – QTY 2 minimum” I was in no mood to ‘buy’ a hat. Though I had nothing to knit on the three hour ride home, I had a plan: Koolhaas. I even had a stash yarn in mind.
I took a nap
As soon as we got home I pulled up brooklyntweed and the Koolhaas Hat, showed it to the DD-in-need-of-at-least-2-wool-or-polyfleece-hats and she declared it: Cool.
The yarn, Debbie Bliss Merino Aran was OK’d. Cast on:

Koolhaas in Debbie Bliss

I have wanted to knit this hat since I first saw it and I have had this odd bit of yarn for a long time. Someone gave it to me as a birthday present. Someone who knew that I knit, but is not, nor has ever been, a knitter. Risky. At last, the yarn has a project.

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