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Souvenir Yarn: Schoppel Edition 3 Fingerless Gloves and Malabrigo Silky Merino Dress Beanie

Maine for Amy Herzog‘s Make. Wear. Love. retreat and special yarn to remember it by.
I am lucky and glad I got to attend both a West Coast and an East Coast MWL. Both were wonderful events in BEAUTIFUL settings, Monterey, CA and Phippsburg, ME, with many joyful memories.

View from our room at Sebasco Harbor Resort

The colors caught my eye.

Schoppel Edition 3 in color 2296 English Garden
from KnitWit Yarn Shop in Portland, Maine
NOTE: No color repeat in two balls of yarn.

Unusual colors for me, I kept coming back to it as I wandered around the shop, I was charmed.  Easter eggs.  I convinced myself they could be cheery mittens on a cold, gray day.


The color caught his eye.

Malabrigo Silky Merino in color 472 Nocturnal
from Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine

My husband said he saw a good purple yarn, you know, “if you want to buy some yarn”. EmojiEmojiEmoji
Indeed, he had found this violet Malabrigo Silky Merino, silky intense color and luster.  I pointed out the silk content, not the usual stuff I use to make his hats.
We decided it would make a fine Dress Beanie, after all one needs to keep one’s head warm even on special occasions.

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Visit to Habu Textiles

DH and I took a little trip to New York, to see the xmas lights and stuff, museums, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, great restaurants, blah blah blah.

And Habu Textiles.
First of all, you have to know where you are going before you go looking for Habu Textiles. It’s in the Garment District of Manhattan and if you don’t have the address, you won’t find it.

1habu03811r135 West 29th Street

Walk in like you know what you’re doing, go up to the 8th floor and find door number 804.
It’s worth the effort! Inside is a room full of beautiful and exotic yarn.

so much silk, so little time…

There’s a little brass bell on a pillow if you want someone to come out and help you.
There were a few sample items along the walls, and the only kits already made up were for the Kusha Kusha Scarf.  I could not resist these colors:
Fortunately I had looked at the kits on the website and had a couple in mind.
I was a bit overwhelmed but thoroughly enjoyed picking out yarns for my kits. If I was choosing yarn for ‘something’, ‘someday’, I would still be there.

Colors of A-1 Tsumugi Silk
for Tsumugi Gradation Skirt

There were some grab bags with a variety of yarns,
I bought this collection of white/cream.

1habu04006crclockwise from top left:
N-68 Linen Wool Roving 80% wool 20% linen
A-61 Paper Moire 50% linen 50% nylon
N-9 Silk Gima 100% silk
N-52 Ultra Fine Kid Mohair 68% mohair 32% nylon

And some glass buttons because they were so pretty
and swirly
and aqua.

1habu04022crMoving Mud buttons

Since were were in the area…

Could not help feeling like a tourist. There were a bunch of us. Along with the real customers.
I had a project in mind and DH found the perfect (except the price, YIKES!) fabric.

The guy cutting my fabric was as polite as possible, I never even saw him roll his eyes!

Since the fabric was so darned expensive I got a free Mood tote bag!

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Alpha Stockings in Madelinetosh Sock

love love love madelinetosh!

They really are the same length, they aren’t pulled up evenly!

Alpha Stocking by Jenna Hurry, Interweave Knits Winter 2010, also available as a single pattern
Madelinetosh Tosh Sock colorway Duchess from Knit Purl in Portland

A toe up pattern with a clever attractive heel, it makes me smile to think of it. The cable design is pretty and skillfully adapted for knitting in the round.

eliminated the twisted stitches on the heel for a smoother fit at a high friction location
made the ribbing more ribby, for a more elastic fit

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Blast that Portland with their “No Sales Tax”!

I was not planning to buy yarn.
Of course I wasn’t.
I wasn’t even planning to go to the yarn stores.
I ended up with some time to kill in Portland
and the next thing I knew,
I was looking at yarn on sale
and yarn that I had admired online
and No Sales Tax
and dh said “this is good color for socks”
and and and

I was shopping with knit1frog2 which is always dangerous, somehow it always seems like a good idea to ‘go ahead and get it’, even if she is only there by txt! (some of that stuff is hers!)

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Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat 2010

I didn’t sign up for classes this year.
So, knit1frog2 and I made of day of visiting the Madrona Marketplace and going out for lunch.

We hit the Blue Moon booth, it’s great to see the colors in person and an extra treat to check out the Rare Gems (one off colorways) and Mill Ends.

Socks That Rock
two lightweight Rare Gems and
one heavyweight Mill End in ? Denim?

habu textiles had a booth, it was exciting to see so many habu yarns in so many colors.

I ordered yarn for my next project:

Catherine Lowe Simple Couture 4.01 Hat and Cowl

I ordered alpaca silk in black violet.

I took Catherine Lowe’s class at Madrona last year and have been pondering what I learned ever since. She is an excellent teacher and a delightful person.
It worked out perfectly that I hadn’t signed up for Madrona classes; a Catherine Lowe Design & Fit workshop is being offered locally in May and I was able to sign up for that!

Lucky for knit1frog2 and me, walking to lunch took us past
hello cupcake and we wrapped up our day with yummy cupcakes.

And who is this fun looking bunch?

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Estonian Garden Stole in Cracksilk Haze

A Late Birthday Present:

After overloading the birthday girl with pattern links, and an unfortunate reference to “Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome“, I decided it would be best to just take her to Knit Purl and see what happened; I don’t think you can walk in there without finding something perfect.

Rowan Cracksilk Haze color 627
We both love this color! We’re calling it ‘Vine Maple’.

That is not the name Rowan gave it. They usually come up with picturesque romantic color names, but color 627 is named “Blood”.
First of all:

It’s NOT blood colored. Maybe the color of the icky styrofoam tray liner under a pound of ground beef.


So I renamed it Vine Maple. Oooooo-priiitteeeee.

Later, we decided we should go back and get that perfect coordinating yarn that we had waffled on for socks IF Knit Purl was still Open.
We got there and it was Closed.
But I tried the door and it was unlocked! We ran in and straight to the Wall of Koigu and grabbed the yarn and then tried to act like we’d been there all along.
Sandy Kay heard voices and came up to investigate, she was nice as could be, especially considering they were supposed to be Closed. Then we sent her to go find more yarn because I decided I needed to have a pair of the same socks! We were laughing ourselves silly the whole time and Sandy was a great sport about it.
Thanks Sandy!

Koigu KPPPM P105D

…and then, at the counter they were tempting us with these irresistible little hanks of silk and beads, perfect for trimming a sock:

Planet Earth Fibers in color Rouge


Fiber Trends Estonian Garden S-2009 by Evelyn A. Clark

And started:

Koigu KPPPM color 105D socks

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Husky Hat

My Catherine Lowe Headgear IV kit arrived!

The yarn is gorgeous…I am a little intimidated by the 23 page pattern instuction book.

At the opposite extreme, DH asked if I could knit a hat for him this week – I used leftover yarn from a pair of socks and no pattern.
I finished the hat as the UW Huskies clinched the Conference Championship, much better than the season the socks had.

quick hat, Blue Moon STR lightweight in colorway Husky

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TREKKING (XXL) Color 100 Socks and New Shoes

When I first saw TREKKING (XXL) Color 100, I was smitten.
I started knitting and loved the socks

So much.
You know.
In that way that makes you go temporarily insane and back to the store to buy the rest of it that they have in stock.

Yes, those are all Color 100 and all the same dye lot!

…and then I had to buy shoes to show them off!

I don’t know what I am going to do with all that yarn,
I don’t need eight pair of the same socks
…not that any two socks will be the same, much less any two or eight pair!

January 22, 2009 at 8:20 pm 4 comments

Blue Moon STR Husky and Midsummers Night socks

Finally! I started these last summer as a back-up easy travel knitting project while on vacation in Canada.
Knitting these socks got off to a slow start, didn’t have much enthusiasm, it kinda  sucked to be a Husky this year.

Worst Team in the PAC-10

Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight in colorway Husky
(specially dyed for us sad University of Washington Huskies)
150g (1.2 hanks) for men’s shoe size 10-11, 8 stitches/inch on size 0

DH was glad these socks were not done in time to be cursed as The Unlucky Socks.
Knit at the low end of the recommended 8-10 stitches per inch and they are hard (stiff), I canNOT imagine knitting this yarn at 10 stitches per inch. DH says the socks feel hard, as do the STR heavyweight socks I knit for for hiking.
For the hiking socks, he says they feel hard but thinks that might provide more protection for his feet.

Blue Moon STR Heavyweight, colorway Midsummer’s Night
146 g (1 hank was plenty) for men’s shoe size 10-11, 
5.6 st/in on size 3 and 6 st/in on size 2 (for heels, toes, soles)

December 20, 2008 at 11:33 pm 2 comments

Two-sided Reversible Intarsia

I got a request for a “ladybug” scarf.

ladybug 057cr1Ladybug

Design: a reversible spotted scarf

ladybug 001cr

I knew immediately which yarn I wanted to use. I had been suffering from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino envy and just needed an excuse. I knew it came in black and a perfect red. 

It’s light enough for an all-over k1 p1 ribbing scarf, it will be nice and flat. Since it will be hanging with all the tension in the lengthwise direction, it will always be un-expanded. 
Wider and shorter would be a great Baby Blanket , lots of great colors of DBBC!

I knit a large swatch in k1 p1 ribbing to get the pattern gauge.

ladybug 042cr1DBBC k1p1 ribbing swatch

I measured the gauge (un-expanded) and made a graph to match the size of the scarf I wanted.
Each square represents two stitches, one knit, one purl. Only the knit stitch will show, the purl stitches will recede and be visible as knit stitches on the other side.

ladybug graphcr

I added circles to represent the spots and then tried different combinations of filled squares to get the best approximation of a circle.

Next, the worst part, okay maybe the second worst part, figuring out how to make a two-sided intarsia scarf that doesn’t look crappy on one side.

ladybug 016crFloats = looks crappy

How to make the wrong side (WS) look as good as the right side (RS)…

ladybug 002crRS to the left, WS to the right

Here’s what I came up with:

ladybug 006crright side (RS), expanded

ladybug 013crwrong side (WS), expanded, much improved

Here’s how I do it:

To hide the floats, I lift the float over a (same color) stitch that appears as a purl stitch on the right side (RS) (knit stitch on the wrong side (WS)). The float zig zags between the front and back laying on top of the purl bumps.

ladybug 020crunattractive float (WS)

ladybug 021crWS, lift float over stitch so float hides on purl bump
(knit stitch on WS) of same color stitch

ladybug 022crWS, float dropped onto purl bump

ladybug023crhWS, float woven between stitches (hidden),
float highlighted with white dots

One more time, going back the other way.

ladybug 029crWS, ugly float

ladybug 030cr(flipped over to) RS, float lifted over from behind

ladybug 031crhRS, float dropped onto purl bump of same color,
float highlighted with white dots

ladybug 032crhRS, float woven between stitches (hidden),
float highlighted with white dots

ladybug 036crright side (RS)

ladybug 037crhright side (RS) expanded,
floats highlighted with white dots

ladybug 034crwrong side (WS)

ladybug 035crhwrong side (WS) expanded
floats highlighted with white dots

NOTE: Be sure to weave the float over stitches of the same color.

The Actual Worst Part:

ladybug 002cr2Weaving In The Ends
(thank goodness for Project Runway Season 3 on dvd!!!)

Each spot creates 4 ends. 21 spots = 84 ends
(in addition to the usual beginning and end of every ball)

NOTE: Weave in the ends mostly vertically, so they won’t work themselves out when the ribbing is stretched and springs back.

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, it is super soft. Lots of great colors for other spotted scarf combinations or baby blankets. It PILLS though. The beginning of the scarf was pilling by the time I finished it. DD is very happy with the scarf, we’ll see how it wears.

September 8, 2008 at 12:15 pm 16 comments

CANADA! (Happy 150th Birthday British Columbia!)


I finally made it to the legendary Button Button.

I kept seeing handknit sweaters and admiring the great, perfect buttons and I kept hearing “I got them in Vancouver (hmmph)
Seattle’s not a button town”.

What does that mean???

I wondered what a ‘button town’ was.

Is it filthy with button shops like Starbucks in Seattle

Do they sell buttons *in* their Starbucks???

How many button shops can a city support?

I began asking more specifically and learned that everyone was talking about ONE particular button shop in Vancouver: Button Button.

Canada 005cr

Wow. I took pictures, but they can’t do it justice.

Canada 001cr

An incredible variety of buttons and so many of them.

Canada 002cr

Canada 004cr

Shelves, trays, DRAWERS full of buttons.

Canada 003crthat drawer thing is full of vintage buttons
and it isn’t the drawer thingy

So many buttons, so little time.

It was our ‘family’ vacation; spending two hours in a button shop and missing the 12:55 ferry to Nanaimo was not to be suffered.

I will have to go back with an open mind and plenty of time. I want to look at ALL the buttons.

Two hours probably won’t be enough


Button Button is “leaving at the end of August”.


New Location: “don’t know, but somewhere”.

I know! it’s August NOW!

She is taking email addresses to let us know where she ends up.

The family did suffer a bit of yarn shopping later in Victoria, though. I waited as long as I could and then casually said “uhhhhh, I’m going to swing by the yarn store…” and started walking toward Beehive Wool Shop. I have been enjoying the Butterfly Super 10 cotton I bought last time so much, I decided I ought to get more.

Canada 030cr
Butterfly Super 10 cotton color 3829
(I know it looks like the same as 3834, but it’s not!)

DD requested a scarf with a texture pattern. A Soft Scarf. I’m a sucker for a request from my yarn-suffering family.

Canada 025crMisti Alpaca Worsted (in 100g hanks!) color SFN 10

Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria: a great yarn shop, with tons of
bee-uuu-tee-ful yarns. It’s an eyeful just walking in the door. They have things I never see in Seattle, like the Butterfly Super 10 and Misti Alpaca Worsted in 100g hanks.

On top of it all, they are super nice and helpful. When I said DD wanted “something cream colored and soft”, yarn suddenly began appearing in her hands for a squeeze; I think they pulled a ball or hank of every single cream colored yarn in the store and were ready to start making phone calls!
DD went all puppy-faced when she touched the Misti and that was that.

Things I love about vacation:
my family
the beach
new places
playing poker
no computer (surprise!)

Vancouver: The Sylvia, Banana Leaf Malaysian restaurant on Denman, French Connection (WHAT? they were having a “sale” and I have teenagers…), Button Button, BC Ferries

Tofino: Ocean, beach, crab dinner, Ocean Village Beach Resort, The Schooner Restaurant, NW Coast Indian Art, no tv, no telephone, no computer, no radio = reading, knitting, poker, beach-time, family-time.

Canada 013crMacKenzie Beach

Canada 014crtime well spent 🙂

Canada 015crcrab dinner at the cabin

Canada 018cr
Ocean Village Beach Resort cabins

Victoria: 150th BC birthday party in full swing!, High Tea, shopping, Beehive Wool Shop, Butchart Gardens, gelato,The Provincial Museum,The Black Ball

Canada 022crVictoria, B.C. Inner Harbor

Canada 021crButchart Gardens

Canada 019crButchart Gardens

Canada 020crButchart Gardens

Canada 023crThe Black Ball Ferry (MV Coho)

I’m ready to go back!

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