Madelinetosh Poet Society Tam

Cold frosty morn.

madtosh5153crThat roof is RED.

A good day to take wool hat photos.
Continuing the Madelinetosh Love I even used a Madelinetosh pattern.

madpoet5125cr(best color match in this photo)
Madelinetosh Poet Society Tam in Tosh Vintage in Tart.


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Merry Xmas 2012!


Fabric from Stash Quilt Shop in Columbia City

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Stash Diversity in Columbia City

Last Thursday, walking around Columbia City ArtWalk after dinner at La Medusa, I saw this:

YARN? In Columbia City?
How have I never heard of this?
“Uh, hon, I’m going over there…”
Well, it is not a yarn shop and doesn’t pretend to be, it is a quilt shop with a little corner of yarn:

That really is all of it, the rest is not cut off in the photo.
You can see the fabric encroaching on the bottom shelf.
At first I was not sure what the point was.
She has Cascade 220, which, if you’re gonna stock one yarn, it probably ought to be Cascade 220. A few other yarns, a few needles, like I said, not sure what the point is.
It is to lure Knitters-Who-Do-NOT-Quilt in to her shop where she knows we will swoon at all her Very Cool Fabrics:

and buy something even though we do not quilt and would not ditch our husbands for a quilt shop (he did come find me later).
She knows we stash and it is a tiny fall from stashing yarn to stashing fabric.
In fact!
I just realized.
Her shop is called Stash.

It worked, I bought some flannel to make jammie bottoms for the kids:

I bought the last 3 yards, went home, searched patterns, found I need 2 yards per jammie, went back and bought 3 yards of a coordinating print so I can do the fronts in hedgie and backs in the coordinating, and I am now going to make 3 jams, including one for me.

looks like hedgehog spines? sorta?

“YARN”, it said.
“YARN” on that durn sandwich board and now I have 6 yards of flannel.

Come to think of it, I do need some Cascade 220…

Stash Quilt Shop in Columbia City

Beautiful selection of fabric and a convenient place to grab some Cascade 220 or some sock yarn in a pinch.

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I figured out how to eat BBQ potato chips while knitting!

This might not actually be a good thing…

oh, and it works with Cheetos too

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Arrived Dec. 24

Habu Textiles Kit-102 Gradation Skirt

Habu Textiles A-1 Tsumugi Silk

Custom color blend <3

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Visit to Habu Textiles

DH and I took a little trip to New York, to see the xmas lights and stuff, museums, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, great restaurants, blah blah blah.

And Habu Textiles.
First of all, you have to know where you are going before you go looking for Habu Textiles. It’s in the Garment District of Manhattan and if you don’t have the address, you won’t find it.

1habu03811r135 West 29th Street

Walk in like you know what you’re doing, go up to the 8th floor and find door number 804.
It’s worth the effort! Inside is a room full of beautiful and exotic yarn.

so much silk, so little time…

There’s a little brass bell on a pillow if you want someone to come out and help you.
There were a few sample items along the walls, and the only kits already made up were for the Kusha Kusha Scarf.  I could not resist these colors:
Fortunately I had looked at the kits on the website and had a couple in mind.
I was a bit overwhelmed but thoroughly enjoyed picking out yarns for my kits. If I was choosing yarn for ‘something’, ‘someday’, I would still be there.

Colors of A-1 Tsumugi Silk
for Tsumugi Gradation Skirt

There were some grab bags with a variety of yarns,
I bought this collection of white/cream.

1habu04006crclockwise from top left:
N-68 Linen Wool Roving 80% wool 20% linen
A-61 Paper Moire 50% linen 50% nylon
N-9 Silk Gima 100% silk
N-52 Ultra Fine Kid Mohair 68% mohair 32% nylon

And some glass buttons because they were so pretty
and swirly
and aqua.

1habu04022crMoving Mud buttons

Since were were in the area…

Could not help feeling like a tourist. There were a bunch of us. Along with the real customers.
I had a project in mind and DH found the perfect (except the price, YIKES!) fabric.

The guy cutting my fabric was as polite as possible, I never even saw him roll his eyes!

Since the fabric was so darned expensive I got a free Mood tote bag!

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Alpha Stockings in Madelinetosh Sock

love love love madelinetosh!

They really are the same length, they aren’t pulled up evenly!

Alpha Stocking by Jenna Hurry, Interweave Knits Winter 2010, also available as a single pattern
Madelinetosh Tosh Sock colorway Duchess from Knit Purl in Portland

A toe up pattern with a clever attractive heel, it makes me smile to think of it. The cable design is pretty and skillfully adapted for knitting in the round.

eliminated the twisted stitches on the heel for a smoother fit at a high friction location
made the ribbing more ribby, for a more elastic fit

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Too Much Fun

Well THAT has never happened before.

This is what I took along on a weekend of travel and hanging out:

and this is what I returned with:

This is why:

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco
(above: Southern Culture on the Skids)

I was either too busy having fun, enjoying music, or too pooped to cast on a single stitch. Amazing!
Amazing that I didn’t knit.
Amazing music festival!

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Koigu Headset Cozy

I kept finding this black stuff, on my hands, on my keyboard, on my desk, even on my face (YUCK!).

After about a week I figured out it was this.
The foam earpiece covers on my headset disintegrating.

After about 15 minutes of searching online, I was coming to the conclusion it would be easier to replace the entire headset than to replace the foam covers.

Then I remembered,
I’m a knitter!
I can fix this!

Koigu (KPPPM) color P529


Edited to add:
Since I got asked, here is the pattern.
Using fingering weight yarn and size 2 needle, Cast on 5 sts.
Put the 5 sts on dpns and continue knitting in the round, be careful to keep the stitches straight.
Row 1: K1 M1, repeat all around.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 two more times. 40 sts.
Knit 2 rows.
Check if this is big enough for your earpiece; the knitting should almost cover the front of the earpiece with 1/16 to 1/8 of the earpiece extending beyond the knitting. Repeat Rows 1 and 2 as needed.
Purl 3 rows.
The purl rows should extend over the edge of the earpiece and curl onto the back. Repeat purl rows as needed.
Knit one row.
Bind off.
Thread a piece of stretch bead cord or other elastic cord through the bind off sts to help keep the cozy in place. Thread the cord through twice if it feels like it needs it.

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Blue Moon STR Rook-y Socks

Oh my goodness, it’s been a year since I started these on our trip to Yakima for produce!

Blue Moon STR lightweight in Rook-y with Haida heels and toes.

One hank of STR lightweight is not quite enough for DH size 11 feet so I used extra from another hank for heels and toes.
These weigh in at 135g, they could be made a little shorter with one hank at 128g.

This year’s haul from Yakima (there’s another layer under there!):

winter onions, plums, watermelons, jalapenos, tomatoes, peaches, tomatillos, eggplants

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Sock Summit 2011 Every Knitter Should Take This Class!

Sock Summit 2011! Yay!

Carson Demers‘s
Knitting Happily Ever After – Ergonomics For Knitters class is EXCELLENT!

If you have ever had an ache or twinge or soreness or numbness, you will learn what it is, what is causing it, and how to prevent it.

Carson Demers is a physical therapist and a knitter, so he knows what we are doing.
He knows knitters’ moves and habits and obsessive tendencies(!) and he knows what we are doing to our bodies.
He started by asking each of us what our concerns were and then addressed all of them and more by explaining what is going on with our muscles, tendons, nerves, cartilage, bones, ligaments when we knit.
He taught us how to alleviate strain and prevent injury, everything from how we hold our knitting and sit to the environment around us to the projects we choose.
It is easier to correct injury causing movements and positions when we know what they are and what they are doing to us!
By the time class was finished I was already catching myself and learning to correct myself.
He’s funny too!
Take his class if you get a chance!

Oh! and the Marketplace!


White Lies Designs

So much yarn, so little time!

I finally bought Signature Needle Arts Stilettos!

Love them!

Couldn’t resist:

hazel knits artisan sock in Hoppy Blonde

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