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Homemade Hat Block

I needed to block my Catherine Lowe beanie

folded kitchen towels into quarters lengthwise and rolled them together to get the right diameter:
wrapped a ribbon around it:
shaped the crown by pushing the center up:
covered it in plastic wrap:
put the washed wet hat on top, and pinned it:

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My new hat & cowl – Simple Couture design & yarn by Catherine Lowe

I took a class with Catherine Lowe. It made me believe I could design all my dream sweaters to fit perfectly.

If I could just find some time.

Some LOT of time…

Meanwhile, I’ll just knit something Catherine Lowe designed with her beautiful yarn.

blackviolet927cccrCL IV alpaca silk yarn in black violet –
one big ball of yarn for both the hat & cowl custom wound for my order!

CL_IV_6667crThis CL IV is 4 alpaca strands and 4 silk strands put together, not twisted together.
It knit up incredibly soft and springy.

simple_couture_4.01.1_6608Simple Couture 4.01 hat

simple_couture_4.01.2_Simple Couture 4.01 cowl

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Catherine Lowe Design & Fit Workshop

knit1frog2 (see her post) and I took Catherine Lowe’s Design & Fit Workshop together. This is the second workshop I have taken with Catherine Lowe; I am amazed and delighted again.
I learned much about:

There seemed to be a lot of emphasis on “fit”.
A good fit makes all the difference, as does a bad fit for that matter!
We learned what a good fit means and ways to get a good fit.

We all brought in our own sweaters that:
we love
we hate
we can’t figure out what is wrong with.

We modeled and critiqued.
That was illuminating and will influence my designing, knitting, and buying choices.
I am inspired to knit sweaters with great fit, that look great and make me look great.

We each created our own personal sloper.

That’s me!

A useful tool to have! It was great to be measured by a professional and get those measurements onto paper in a way that I can use to design, alter, and modify sweater patterns.

I purchased this sweater back in the 80s; I love the collar and can use my sloper to design one like it and a sweater to fit.

I have been working on Poetry In Stitches – Leaf Stripe Cardigan with Velvet Trim (page 166)

I had pretty much given up on it being anything other than a drop-shouldered-frumpy-fair-isle with a gorgeous color pattern. I was just knitting it per the instructions, though I had hoped to give it a little shaping, I was resigned to only giving it a bit of shoulder shaping.

No longer! After Catherine’s workshop, I have a better understanding of how fit works. I am incorporating a few alterations that will improve the fit of this sweater and how it looks on me (or any body).

I have reshaped the sleeves, trimming out 2 inches of bulk from the armpit (armpit bulk even sounds bad):

sleeve per the pattern

sleeve altered to improve fit

I will reshape the square neckline to suit my face shape. I modeled the sweater below with a similar square neckline for the workshop. Catherine showed us that this wide square neckline doesn’t flatter my wide square jaw. I can wear a square neckline, but it needs to be the right width – which I can pull off my sloper!

traditional square neckline makes my jaw look wider

square neckline with better personalized shape
flatters my jawline

Finally, I will add shoulder shaping, because like everyone, I have a slope to my shoulders. Without shoulder shaping, there is extra fabric that ends up in bulky folds in the armpits.
Again, armpit bulk = BAD.

I am excited!

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Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat 2010

I didn’t sign up for classes this year.
So, knit1frog2 and I made of day of visiting the Madrona Marketplace and going out for lunch.

We hit the Blue Moon booth, it’s great to see the colors in person and an extra treat to check out the Rare Gems (one off colorways) and Mill Ends.

Socks That Rock
two lightweight Rare Gems and
one heavyweight Mill End in ? Denim?

habu textiles had a booth, it was exciting to see so many habu yarns in so many colors.

I ordered yarn for my next project:

Catherine Lowe Simple Couture 4.01 Hat and Cowl

I ordered alpaca silk in black violet.

I took Catherine Lowe’s class at Madrona last year and have been pondering what I learned ever since. She is an excellent teacher and a delightful person.
It worked out perfectly that I hadn’t signed up for Madrona classes; a Catherine Lowe Design & Fit workshop is being offered locally in May and I was able to sign up for that!

Lucky for knit1frog2 and me, walking to lunch took us past
hello cupcake and we wrapped up our day with yummy cupcakes.

And who is this fun looking bunch?

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Husky Hat

My Catherine Lowe Headgear IV kit arrived!

The yarn is gorgeous…I am a little intimidated by the 23 page pattern instuction book.

At the opposite extreme, DH asked if I could knit a hat for him this week – I used leftover yarn from a pair of socks and no pattern.
I finished the hat as the UW Huskies clinched the Conference Championship, much better than the season the socks had.

quick hat, Blue Moon STR lightweight in colorway Husky

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