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Costume Jewelry

When I was little, my mom would let me pick out her jewelry when she and my dad went out dancing. I always always always *wanted* to pick these:

CostumeJewelry cr

but I would often pick other things because I knew she thought these were a bit too flashy to wear every time and I knew she liked her other things too.
Now that I’m all grown up I can see that the other things are fine, in an elegant understated way, but these are still my favorite.

The earrings are clip-on and unfortunately too painful to wear and I don’t dare alter them. I love beads, but beading is not my thing.
I have attempted to make a matching pair of earrings a couple of times before and never been happy with the results, but I like my latest attempt (new pair below the old pair):

CostumeJewelry ecr

I plan to wear these for a special occasion this weekend along with something my mother would never wear:

CostumeJewelry hcr

Chanel Blue Satin it’s a dark navy blue.

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