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Habu Textiles KIT-90 Gear Linen Tunic by Setsuko Torii

I am amazed at the inspiration of Setsuko Torii to combine these five unusual yarns into a fantastic fabric with an interesting feel and drape; then, incorporating that fabric into an elegant garment design. The resulting tunic is amazing.

Gear Linen Tunic by Setsuko Torii in Habu Textiles yarns

I keep expressing amazement; that is how I feel about it,

going from this:

to this: 

Bodice – knit bottom to top
Skirt – knit side to side

to this: 

Knitting up, the most challenging part was figuring out the gauge.  Or not.

I didn’t ever really determine a gauge, I finally picked the swatch that felt best and went with it.
The gear linen is stiff and knits up into a crunchy fabric. The swatches stay however I place them; if I stretch them out width-wise, they stay stretched out, if I stretch them out length-wise, they stay like that, even after washing, blocking, tossing around, wadding up, and hanging.
In the end, the garment stretched out lengthwise, a lot.
To control the stretch, I reinforced the neckline and armholes with a chain stitch of DMC Coton Perlé 5.  I also used DMC Coton Perlé 5 for seaming.  

I knit the larger size to wear as a dress. 

I am delighted.

Habu Textiles a-29 1/4.4 tobi moire (Ravelry)
Habu Textiles a-1 2/17 tsumugi (Habu Textiles) (Ravelry)
Habu Textiles a-25 1/3.2 cork chenille (Habu Textiles) (Ravelry)
Habu Textiles a-60 shosenshi (Habu Textiles) (Ravelry)
Habu Textiles a-17 1/4.5 gear linen (Ravelry

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Habu Textiles Kit A-84 skirt

I love this skirt!???????????????????????????????Habu Textiles Kit A-84

It drapes and moves beautifully and feels fantastic.


???????????????????????????????border knit with a single of mohair/silk

The pattern calls for a drawstring at the waist, but I added a studded skinny belt instead.
The skirt is knit with two yarns held together; it comes on one cone of a-1 tsumugi silk and one cone of a-32 silk mohair, with no knots.???????????????????????????????

I met squiffyknits at Madrona and she gave me The Best Advice:

Mark every decrease as you knit.

I would have LOST MY MIND if I had had to try to find and count the 47 decreases on each panel of this tweedy mohairy knit!

I ran a light colored thread through the edges before soaking so it would be easier to put in the blocking wires when it was all dark wet silk and mohair.
I made a template for the pieces to simplify blocking.
I used two blocking wires at the hem, one through the main fabric (two yarns held together) and a second wire through the mohair/silk single border.

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Arrived Dec. 24

Habu Textiles Kit-102 Gradation Skirt

Habu Textiles A-1 Tsumugi Silk

Custom color blend <3

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Visit to Habu Textiles

DH and I took a little trip to New York, to see the xmas lights and stuff, museums, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, great restaurants, blah blah blah.

And Habu Textiles.
First of all, you have to know where you are going before you go looking for Habu Textiles. It’s in the Garment District of Manhattan and if you don’t have the address, you won’t find it.

1habu03811r135 West 29th Street

Walk in like you know what you’re doing, go up to the 8th floor and find door number 804.
It’s worth the effort! Inside is a room full of beautiful and exotic yarn.

so much silk, so little time…

There’s a little brass bell on a pillow if you want someone to come out and help you.
There were a few sample items along the walls, and the only kits already made up were for the Kusha Kusha Scarf.  I could not resist these colors:
Fortunately I had looked at the kits on the website and had a couple in mind.
I was a bit overwhelmed but thoroughly enjoyed picking out yarns for my kits. If I was choosing yarn for ‘something’, ‘someday’, I would still be there.

Colors of A-1 Tsumugi Silk
for Tsumugi Gradation Skirt

There were some grab bags with a variety of yarns,
I bought this collection of white/cream.

1habu04006crclockwise from top left:
N-68 Linen Wool Roving 80% wool 20% linen
A-61 Paper Moire 50% linen 50% nylon
N-9 Silk Gima 100% silk
N-52 Ultra Fine Kid Mohair 68% mohair 32% nylon

And some glass buttons because they were so pretty
and swirly
and aqua.

1habu04022crMoving Mud buttons

Since were were in the area…

Could not help feeling like a tourist. There were a bunch of us. Along with the real customers.
I had a project in mind and DH found the perfect (except the price, YIKES!) fabric.

The guy cutting my fabric was as polite as possible, I never even saw him roll his eyes!

Since the fabric was so darned expensive I got a free Mood tote bag!

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