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Kaffe Fassett Ready-To-Wear (Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?)

I was looking at the latest issue of the Peruvian Connection catalog, saw this and thought, “that looks like Kaffe Fassett”:

PeruConn 1

Then I read the description and to my surprise, it WAS.
(why was I surprised, I just said I thought it looked like Kaffe Fassett?)
WooHoo I don’t need to knit my own and weave in all those ends!
Oh wait, check the price…
hmmm, I guess I will be weaving in my own ends for now.

SEE all the Kaffe Fassett items:
Kaffe Fassett designs at Peruvian Connection

And THIS (not Kaffe Fassett, but pretty cool):

PeruConn 2

makes me think I should give crocheting another chance.

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