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Koigu Headset Cozy

I kept finding this black stuff, on my hands, on my keyboard, on my desk, even on my face (YUCK!).

After about a week I figured out it was this.
The foam earpiece covers on my headset disintegrating.

After about 15 minutes of searching online, I was coming to the conclusion it would be easier to replace the entire headset than to replace the foam covers.

Then I remembered,
I’m a knitter!
I can fix this!

Koigu (KPPPM) color P529


Edited to add:
Since I got asked, here is the pattern.
Using fingering weight yarn and size 2 needle, Cast on 5 sts.
Put the 5 sts on dpns and continue knitting in the round, be careful to keep the stitches straight.
Row 1: K1 M1, repeat all around.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 two more times. 40 sts.
Knit 2 rows.
Check if this is big enough for your earpiece; the knitting should almost cover the front of the earpiece with 1/16 to 1/8 of the earpiece extending beyond the knitting. Repeat Rows 1 and 2 as needed.
Purl 3 rows.
The purl rows should extend over the edge of the earpiece and curl onto the back. Repeat purl rows as needed.
Knit one row.
Bind off.
Thread a piece of stretch bead cord or other elastic cord through the bind off sts to help keep the cozy in place. Thread the cord through twice if it feels like it needs it.

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IK Embossed Leaves in Koigu KPPPM 105D


IK Embossed Leaves in Koigu KPPPM 105D

Planet Earth Fibers beaded silk in color Rouge

Now I need to figure out how to add the beaded silk…
lacy trim?

On my first attempt the colors were pooling so that one side of the sock was red and the other side was green:

Pooling red side

Pooling green side

I modified the pattern, removing the first stitch of the leaf chart for a total of four stitches per round. Just enough to make the colors swirl in a nice spiral:

Modified for swirling instead of pooling

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Estonian Garden Stole in Cracksilk Haze

A Late Birthday Present:

After overloading the birthday girl with pattern links, and an unfortunate reference to “Jemima Puddle-Duck Syndrome“, I decided it would be best to just take her to Knit Purl and see what happened; I don’t think you can walk in there without finding something perfect.

Rowan Cracksilk Haze color 627
We both love this color! We’re calling it ‘Vine Maple’.

That is not the name Rowan gave it. They usually come up with picturesque romantic color names, but color 627 is named “Blood”.
First of all:

It’s NOT blood colored. Maybe the color of the icky styrofoam tray liner under a pound of ground beef.


So I renamed it Vine Maple. Oooooo-priiitteeeee.

Later, we decided we should go back and get that perfect coordinating yarn that we had waffled on for socks IF Knit Purl was still Open.
We got there and it was Closed.
But I tried the door and it was unlocked! We ran in and straight to the Wall of Koigu and grabbed the yarn and then tried to act like we’d been there all along.
Sandy Kay heard voices and came up to investigate, she was nice as could be, especially considering they were supposed to be Closed. Then we sent her to go find more yarn because I decided I needed to have a pair of the same socks! We were laughing ourselves silly the whole time and Sandy was a great sport about it.
Thanks Sandy!

Koigu KPPPM P105D

…and then, at the counter they were tempting us with these irresistible little hanks of silk and beads, perfect for trimming a sock:

Planet Earth Fibers in color Rouge


Fiber Trends Estonian Garden S-2009 by Evelyn A. Clark

And started:

Koigu KPPPM color 105D socks

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The Wall Of Koigu and A Clever Design

“What’s next?” turned out to be the Koigu fingerless mittens, mostly because they required the least amount of thinking. Thinking can really slow down my knitting. Some times it even halts my knitting. They’re pictured below in front of The Wall Of Koigu at Knit-Purl in Portland, where they lived in a previous life as hanks.

WallOfKoigu KnitPurl 30cr
fingerless mittens
Koigu (KPPPM) color P529
~62g, on #1 dpns
matching nails – OPI “Dominant Jeans”

I was treated to being photographed by The Blogger of Knit-Purl, who is even more delightful in person than on the blogpage.
Not a treat, was me rolling out as the champagne was rolling in! Aaah! that was tough, but I had a three hour drive north and work the next morning. If I lived in Portland, Sip ‘N’ Stitch at Knit-Purl is definitely where I would spend my Thursday evenings.

A Clever Design

I was visiting Portland State University, walking past Stephan Eppler Hall:

PSU Eppler Hall X015

The break in the pathway caught my eye, it is part of the building’s rain drain system:

PSU Eppler Hall A016

The downspout empties into a bed of stones, which drains out the bottom through the spout on the bottom left:

PSU Eppler Hall A017

The spout empties into a channel with an arrangement of granite bricks that allows the water to flow across the walkway through the spaces between the bricks and allows pedestrians to walk without tripping or spashing:

PSU Eppler Hall A019

At the end of channel the water falls into a sunken garden with stones at the base of the waterfall:

PSU Eppler Hall A020

Each drain is different, each bed of stones is different, each sunken garden is different:

PSU Epler Hall B003

PSU Eppler Hall C009

PSU Epper Hall B021

PSU Eppler Hall C026

PSU Eppler Hall B007

PSU Eppler Hall C014

I love a clever design.

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