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Misti Alpaca Worsted + Barbara Walker “ Arch and Leaf”

By Special Request: “a texture patterned, soft, cream-colored scarf”

Misti Alpaca Worsted
colorway SFN 10, 2X 100g hanks
dimensions: 52” x 8.25

“Arch and Leaf” stitch from Barbara Walker Fourth Treasury

Not the best scarf stitch pattern, it curls (wrong side out) pretty insistently even after a good blocking.
If I did it over, I would knit it two arches wide (instead of three) and use a wider flat border such as K1P1, or seed stitch.

ERRATA for “Arch and Leaf” from  Barbara Walker Fourth Treasury:
row 5stitch 36 (counting from left edge of chart)
should be [RS: P1/WS: K1]
row 5:  stitches 19 and 33 (counting from the left edge of chart)
row 7stitches 18 and 36 (counting from the left edge of chart)
should be [RS: K1-b/WS: P1-b]
(These are the stitches above the YO and will create holes if not closed with a twisted stitch, see swatch below)

DD requested this scarf, we picked up the yarn at Beehive WoolShop in Victoria, B.C. last summer.

She wanted a textured pattern, so I handed her a pile of Barbara Walker Treasuries to choose from.

Never having been one to shy away from a swatch, I swatched up her favorites to choose from.

Details from top to bottom

Soft Cable (right), Barbara Walker Third Treasury

Ribbed Spindle, Barbara Walker Third Treasury

Exploded Ribbing, Barbara Walker Fourth Treasury

Arch and Leaf, Barbara Walker Fourth Treasury

(my favorite) Cable-Framed Leaf, Barbara Walker Second Treasury

DD loves the scarf , mostly the softness.

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CANADA! (Happy 150th Birthday British Columbia!)


I finally made it to the legendary Button Button.

I kept seeing handknit sweaters and admiring the great, perfect buttons and I kept hearing “I got them in Vancouver (hmmph)
Seattle’s not a button town”.

What does that mean???

I wondered what a ‘button town’ was.

Is it filthy with button shops like Starbucks in Seattle

Do they sell buttons *in* their Starbucks???

How many button shops can a city support?

I began asking more specifically and learned that everyone was talking about ONE particular button shop in Vancouver: Button Button.

Canada 005cr

Wow. I took pictures, but they can’t do it justice.

Canada 001cr

An incredible variety of buttons and so many of them.

Canada 002cr

Canada 004cr

Shelves, trays, DRAWERS full of buttons.

Canada 003crthat drawer thing is full of vintage buttons
and it isn’t the drawer thingy

So many buttons, so little time.

It was our ‘family’ vacation; spending two hours in a button shop and missing the 12:55 ferry to Nanaimo was not to be suffered.

I will have to go back with an open mind and plenty of time. I want to look at ALL the buttons.

Two hours probably won’t be enough


Button Button is “leaving at the end of August”.


New Location: “don’t know, but somewhere”.

I know! it’s August NOW!

She is taking email addresses to let us know where she ends up.

The family did suffer a bit of yarn shopping later in Victoria, though. I waited as long as I could and then casually said “uhhhhh, I’m going to swing by the yarn store…” and started walking toward Beehive Wool Shop. I have been enjoying the Butterfly Super 10 cotton I bought last time so much, I decided I ought to get more.

Canada 030cr
Butterfly Super 10 cotton color 3829
(I know it looks like the same as 3834, but it’s not!)

DD requested a scarf with a texture pattern. A Soft Scarf. I’m a sucker for a request from my yarn-suffering family.

Canada 025crMisti Alpaca Worsted (in 100g hanks!) color SFN 10

Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria: a great yarn shop, with tons of
bee-uuu-tee-ful yarns. It’s an eyeful just walking in the door. They have things I never see in Seattle, like the Butterfly Super 10 and Misti Alpaca Worsted in 100g hanks.

On top of it all, they are super nice and helpful. When I said DD wanted “something cream colored and soft”, yarn suddenly began appearing in her hands for a squeeze; I think they pulled a ball or hank of every single cream colored yarn in the store and were ready to start making phone calls!
DD went all puppy-faced when she touched the Misti and that was that.

Things I love about vacation:
my family
the beach
new places
playing poker
no computer (surprise!)

Vancouver: The Sylvia, Banana Leaf Malaysian restaurant on Denman, French Connection (WHAT? they were having a “sale” and I have teenagers…), Button Button, BC Ferries

Tofino: Ocean, beach, crab dinner, Ocean Village Beach Resort, The Schooner Restaurant, NW Coast Indian Art, no tv, no telephone, no computer, no radio = reading, knitting, poker, beach-time, family-time.

Canada 013crMacKenzie Beach

Canada 014crtime well spent 🙂

Canada 015crcrab dinner at the cabin

Canada 018cr
Ocean Village Beach Resort cabins

Victoria: 150th BC birthday party in full swing!, High Tea, shopping, Beehive Wool Shop, Butchart Gardens, gelato,The Provincial Museum,The Black Ball

Canada 022crVictoria, B.C. Inner Harbor

Canada 021crButchart Gardens

Canada 019crButchart Gardens

Canada 020crButchart Gardens

Canada 023crThe Black Ball Ferry (MV Coho)

I’m ready to go back!

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