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…and three days after that


Wednesday mushrooms 01c

See them three days earlier:

next day shitake 02cr

and the day before that:
Shitake 64

Oh, right, this is a knitting blog:

Wednesday mushrooms 10c
Koolhaas 3
Koolhaas Hat (large) – IK Holiday Gifts 2007
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, color M120 Limeade,
~77g on US7 needles

Next up, one more hat:

Noro Kureyon 188 028c
in Noro Kureyon color 188

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28 hours later…

next day shitake 02cr

next day shitake 05cr

See the day before “Shitake Mushrooms”:

Shitake 64

See them GROW “and three days after that”:
Wednesday mushrooms 01c

March 16, 2008 at 5:03 pm 1 comment

Shitake Mushrooms

Here’s something DH does in his spare time:

Shitake 64
growing shitake mushrooms
(mushroom kit from Fungi Perfecti)

Shitake 54t
Evolution of Mushroom

His best crop so far prompted perusal of the cookbooks in anticipation of the harvest feast:
Beef Wellington with Shitake
Stuffed Shitake
Beef with Shitake
Chicken Rolls with Shitake
Asian Rice Salad with Crabmeat & Shitake
Monkfish with Shitake Mushrooms and Fresh Ginger

from The Complete Mushroom Cookbook by Antonio Carluccio
Mushrooms Favorite Recipes by Andrea Kösslinger & Sibylle Reiter

Ah, Saturday morning, coffee and cookbooks…

See them grow “28 hours later”:

next day shitake 02cr

and GROW “and three days after that”:
Wednesday mushrooms 01c>

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