Resort Destination: Vancouver, B.C. and the New Location for Button Button!

August 3, 2009 at 5:50 pm 3 comments

It turns out, if you go to Vancouver, B.C. when it’s 93°F, it’s too dang hot to do anything downtown. Our hotel room did not have air-conditioning so we were forced to walk across the street and hang out here:

3786818562_5be1e99f24_o (2)
reading, people watching, eating hot dogs, and when that got too hot, going swimming in English Bay:

3786009977_c6bfc0644d_o (2)
We could walk out of The Sylvia, in our swimsuits and towels and walk back all wet after swimming, just like staying at a beach resort! It was lovely.
We saw the UK fireworks for the Celebration of Light fireworks competition, with prime viewing from the park across the street.
video of fireworks 1
video of fireworks 2
and caught a performance of Othello at Bard On The Beach. It was hot sitting in that tent full of people in 93°F heat, but at least I wasn’t wearing a full length multi-layered brocade gown with long wavy hair hanging down my back or sword-fighting in thigh-high leather boots over ‘leather’ pants and a brocade vest with a leather doublet! I was afraid one of the actors might pass out from the heat. The tent is open behind the stage providing a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and sunset sky and mercifully providing some fresh air.
Too bad Othello always ends so badly.

Oh, and here’s where we ate breakfast every morning on the patio of the hotel restaurant:

3786010031_4393d6b84f_o-1 (2)(that’s the fireworks barge, yeah, Right There!)

On our last day, just before heading home we decided to brave the heat and venture into town. We visited Button Button in her new location, or rather my family indulged me by ditching me there.
New location:

3786733368_0650b60ed2_o (2)
and inside, the same overwhelming selection of buttons:

3786732998_0474dee22e_o (2)

3786733250_b33e1d93b3_o (2)
3786733168_14334241e2_o (2)
3786732920_899eda44eb_o (2)

3785924171_d7a07c51ea_o (2)YOU can make a difference!

I didn’t have a specific button requirement, but managed to find a few things:

3785924617_acf7806788_o (2)

3786733790_3608706c3f_o (2)

3785924877_ea865a6b7e_o (2)Cool vintage celluloid button

Back at home, this beauty from DH garden somehow managed to survive the (Seattle) record breaking 103°F heat without water while we were out of town:

3786733566_735eb9e0f7_o (2)
No, it’s not a full size cabbage on a dinner plate, it’s an itty radicchio on a bread plate!

3786733640_ebb708cf28_o (2)Yummy!

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Mushroom picking and some knitting “I tried to give you some lovin’ but you just gave me hives”

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  • 1. knit1frog2  |  August 5, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    fun pictures!! Seeing the Canadian money though…I did a weird, “oh no/ew” cringe for some weird reason. I used to hate it when merchants would try to pass off canadian coins on me as a young kid thinking either I wouldn’t notice OR say anything. Oh, I said something and I think I was only 10 at the time. It happened quite a few times too. I digress. Button Button looked/sounded like soooo much fun, i wish i could have gone with you!

  • 2. Lish  |  August 7, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Too cool — you are an incredible knitter! We adore fireworks and are envious of the great location. We’ve has a typical northwest summer and we love it! You can keep our heat and humidity!

  • 3. Jeri Bissell  |  September 21, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    My sister, my daughter and I stayed at the Sylvia last summer. Such wonderful memories, such gorgeous views and what an eclectic town. I will be back, and not only to see the button shop!!


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