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Sheilavig Vest in Shibui Sock Midnight

I’ve had this pattern for…
…since before it went out of print a few years ago.
I’ve had the yarn for…a while.
As well as the buttons. sheesh.

Sheilavig874Sheilavig in Shibui Sock

and I love this color. So much. Too much for just socks.

ShibuiSock03292008ccrShibui Sock in Midnight

Yarn Conversion
Compare gauge and yardage:

Scottish Fleet_________Shibui Sock
100 g________________50 g
28-36 sts/ 4inches_____30 sts/4 inches
245 yds______________191 yds

Since the gauges were similar, I aimed for comparable yardage.
For the pattern requirement of 7 balls of Scottish Fleet I would need about 9 hanks of Shibui Sock:

7 skeins x 245 yds/skein (Fleet) = 1715 yds

1715 yds ÷ 191 yds/hank(Shibui) ~ 9 hanks

So, I bought 11 hanks of Shibui sock. Because that’s how I think.
I ended up using 8 hanks + 3.7g of Shibui Sock.
And now I have enough leftover yarn for socks and mittens
or mittens and a hat!

sheliavig06914crPewter buttons from
Button Emporium & Ribbonry
in Portland.

Shortened overall about 1 inch.
For button band, pick-up 3 stitches every 4 rows, instead of pattern specific stitch number.
Dropped the front neckline about 1-1/2 inches; pattern is crewneck.
Added back neck shaping (white dashed curve) for a better fit; the pattern is straight across.

Skipped the picot cast on, too fiddly and frilly for me.

sheilavig5240crFiddly cast on, I never could get the points to look consistent

Of course, I also omitted the additional picot trim around the front.

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Study Wrap in Shibui Baby Alpaca DK and Barbara Walker’s Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin
from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
This is a good non-curling stitch pattern.

I received a request from my DD for something to wrap up in while studying in bed.
OF COURSE, I want to support Studying.
Especially since I am paying for it.
Especially if it involves knitting.

She likes soft knits.
She likes this shade of green.
She asked for something like snake scales.

Shibui Baby Alpaca DK in color Wasabi
4 skeins from Knit Purl in Portland
knit on US6, finished size: 18″x62″

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Shibui fingerless Mittens

Shibui Sock yarn from Knit Purl in Portland:

3798247505_bc93d20b56_o (2)Shibui Sock yarn color 229 Mulberry

New mitts:

3796604183_3c83723c68_o (2)Shibui Sock color 229 Mulberry
with a bit of Blue Moon STR in Star Sapphire

The STR trim is leftover from another pair of mitts; they were much loved and appreciated and when one got lost, the only consolation was a new pair.

3796604127_60fc18208f_o (2)

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Shibui + Hilltop


hilltopshibui 014cr2Lurrrve it!

hilltopshibui 014scrRhapsody in Lace and Ruffles by Megan Wright
from Hilltop Yarn in Seattle.
ShibuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK in color Spruce
from Knit Purl in Portland, OR.

This yarn is beautiful, it comes in rich colors, slightly variegated, soft and smooth, delightful to knit.
This yarn is a lighter gauge than the yarns specified in the pattern, so I modified the lace panel to make the wavy part wider, adding two stitches and two rows. I also added rows and details to the top and bottom borders.

That ruffle wanted to curl sooooo bad. I wondered how I was going to block a ruffle, thought about it the whole time I was knitting those 14 curly 581-stitch rows of stockinette. Here’s what I came up with:

shibui hilltop ruffle 004cr

it worked

shibui hilltop 009cr2

ETA: see me showing off here:

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